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Drop-Seq Package


For optimized Drop-Seq experiments in Next-Generation Sequencing. The Fluigent Drop-Seq Package allows better reproducibility and control of both single cells and beads encapsulation.  Drop-sequencing (Drop-Seq) developed by the McCarroll lab, Harvard Medical School, is a method designed for the parallel analysis of mRNA expression in thousands of individual cells following their encapsulation in tiny droplets. These droplets (nanolitre scale) are formed by precisely combining aqueous and oil flows in a specially designed microfluidic device (Drop-Seq chip). Expression profiling can then be carried out in tens of thousands of cells in a matter of hours. Fluigent made a collaboration with FlowJEM to provide the best microfluidic chips for Drop-Seq.


  • Gain time: (less than 1 minute to obtain droplet compare to Macosko few minutes)
  • Avoid losing reagents (cells or beads) during transition time
  • Have better control and avoid the problems that could appear with syringe pumps. Such as the backflow of the beads inside the cells channel which could modify drastically the experiment.


  • LineUp FLOW EZ™ 1 bar (x3)
  • LineUp LINK (x1)
  • FLOW UNIT M (x2)
  • FLOW UNIT L (x1)
  • P-CAP 15 mL (x1)
  • P-CAP 2 mL (x2)
  • Drop-Seq device FlowJEM PDMS Microfluidic Devices (x1)
  • Fluigent Software
  • LineUp Supply Kit (x1)
  • Tubing & Fitting Kit (x1)
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