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PLGA Microparticle Production Station

The PLGA microparticle production station is a robust, high-performance solution to generate polymer microparticles in a homogenous and fully controlled manner. The performance brought by the RayDrop droplet generator, with the combination of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) as an encapsulation polymer and ethyl acetate as a solvent provides a biocompatible solution lowering both hazard risk and precipitation time. Suitable for biological applications, the RayDrop, and its station offer a semi-automated solution for one of the most successful drug delivery systems in laboratories and clinics. To solve the current problems of the PLGA microparticles synthesis, droplet-based microfluidics appears to be a powerful tool. Droplet control and generation allow highly monodispersed and continuous production as compared to batch emulsion methods.


  • Monodispersity
  • Particle size control
  • System recovery
  • Ease of use
  • Continuous production
  • Semi-automated
  • Encapsulation performance

Station contents:

  1. Standard package
    • LineUp Flow EZ 2 bar (x2)
    • LineUp Supply Kit (x1)
    • LineUp LINK module (x1)
    • FLOW UNIT M (x1)
    • FLOW UNIT L (x1)
    • 15 mL P-CAP (x2)
    • 50 mL P-CAP (x1)
    • RayDrop Single emulsion (x1)
    • Tubing & fitting kit (x1)
    • Fluigent Software
  2. Automation package
    • Standard package (x1)
    • 2-SWITCH (x2)
    • LineUp SWITCH EZ (x1)

Standard Package


Automation package


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