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Droplet Package

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Ideal for biologists and chemists

The Droplet Package is designed for all who want to start with microfluidic droplets experiments. It includes the EZ Drop chips and fully adapted liquid handling solution and accessories.


  • Highly monodisperse droplets
  • Most simple droplet generation kit
  • Cost-effective solution

Package contents:

  • LineUp Flow EZ™ 2 bar (x2)
  • LineUp Supply kit (x1)
  • LineUp LINK module (x1)
  • FLOW UNIT S (x2)
  • P-CAP 2 mL (x2)
  • Droplet Kit (x1)
  • 1/32” 250 µm inner diameter (ID) PEEK tubing (2 m)
  • Sleeves (x2)
  • FLOW UNIT S and M kits (x2)
  • P-CAP 2mL Tubing & Fitting Kits (x2)
  • 1 Tube Cutter
  • Fluigent Software
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