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Aria, Perfusion & Sequential Injection Instrument

Aria is an integrated microfluidic system to automate the delivery of up to 10 different fluids to one chip or perfusion chamber. It can perform any perfusion protocol. The system is easy to use, compact and can interact with TTL-enabled microscopy systems. It also allows for “stop flow” conditions for studies requiring longer imaging times. Aria automates sequential injection operations that have typically been performed manually and provides more reproducible results with minimum cross-contamination.

Benefits and features:

  • Save time with automated injection protocols
  • Enables performing long-term perfusion studies
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use: Individual methods can  be created, saved, and quickly recalled for a run
  • Incubation steps and times are reproducible
  • Reliable results: the number of manual operations is reduced and the software automates most steps from calibration to cleaning
  • Fits any experimental design
  • Designed for microscopy room experiments: “dark mode” provides visibility to monitor the study progress


  • Flow Rate Control: 3.2 to 80 µL/min (Aria M) OR 40 µL/min to 1 mL/min (Aria L) for water
  • Pressure Control of flow rate: to a maximum of 2 bar
  • Valves: Ten position switching valve & Two-position switching valve (2)
  • Fluid Reservoirs (x8): 15 mL standard, 2 mL available
  • Flushing Solution Reservoirs (x2): 100 mL
  • Tubing: FEP with OD of 1/16 inch and ID of 250 µm
  • Wetted Surfaces: Polypropylene, FEP, Glass, PEEK
  • Compressed air source: Requires non-corrosive compressed air (lab line, gas cylinder, compressor, or Fluigent FLPG)
  • PC Specifications: Windows 7 or higher

Aria M (3.2 - 80 µL/min)


Aria M + Installation + 1 year extended warranty


Aria L (40 µL - 1 mL/min)


Aria L + Installation + 1 year extended warranty


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