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Micropipette Aspiration Package

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The Fluigent micropipette aspiration package allows one to manipulate and characterize cells at the single-cell level. Itis a powerful non-invasive technique to evaluate how the biomechanical properties of single cells or tissues govern cell shape, cell response to mechanic stimuli, transition from nontumorigenic to tumorigenic state or morphogenesis.


  • Non-invasive
  • High sensitivity and resolution
  • High reproducibility
  • Time saving
  • Cost-effective, easy to build and operate

Package contents:

  • LineUp Flow EZ pressure controller (-25 mbar) x1
  • LineUp LINK Module (software control) x1
  • LineUp Supply Kit (power supply) x1
  • Fluiwell-1C-15 ml HPMFCS (15 mL fluid reservoir)
  • Compact Vacuum Pump x1
  • Complete Linear Stage for reservoir displacement x1
  • Tubing & fitting kit (from the reservoir to the micropipette holder) x1
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