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Droplet Surfactant

dSURF is a high-performance surfactant suited for the production of highly monodispersed and stable microdroplets. Provided at 2% in 3M™ Novec™ 7500 fluorinated oil, dSURF allows high-performance droplet formation and long-term stability even in challenging conditions such as dPCR and cell culture experiments.


  • Dedicated formulation guarantees seamless downstream application compatibility,
  • Low cross-talk between droplets compared to mineral oil,
  • Batch to batch reproducibility,
  • Highly reliable droplet formation and production from 20µm to 100µm diameter. Compatible with EZ Drop chip,
  • FAM™, HEX™, VIC®, and EvaGreen® based dPCR validated,
  • Suited for long-term cell culture experiments,
  • High purity

dSURF comes diluted at 2% in 3M™ Novec™ 7500 oil. Depending on the application, dSURF can be used directly at a 2% concentration. However, for other applications, this concentration can be reduced to 0,5% or 1%. Fluigent provides pure fluorinated Novec™ 7500 oil (dOIL, part number: DR-RE-SU-A1) for such dilutions

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