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Fluigent x TTP Ventus Disc Pump evaluation kit

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The Microfluidic Starter Kit has been designed by Fluigent in partnership with TTP Ventus and  Sensirion to enable microfluidics research and product development. Each system contains:

  • Fluigent P-CAP Reservoir
  • TTP Ventus Disc Pump Evaluation Kit
  • Sensirion SLF3S-0600F Liquid Flow Sensor

This document provides details of the system.

Item Description
1 Motherboard PCB, on which is mounted one of the two pumps included, together with the postage-stamp sized pump drive PCB. This will be packed within an ESD (electro-static discharge) bag.
2 A second pump.
3 Mains power supply. Typically, a region-specific adapter will have been fitted for  you. If requested, additional region adapters may be included in the pocket  beneath the evaluation kit PCB.
4 USB flash drive containing PC application software. User Manual and supporting  documentation.
5 Molex cable to connect the flow sensor to the PCB and a USB cable, which  enables the PC application to communicate with the drive PCB, included in the pocket beneath the evaluation kit PCB.
6 Accessories kit including tubing, fittings and filters.
7 Quick Start card.
8 Fluigent PCAP reservoir
9 Sensirion SLF3S0600F flow sensor
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