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Fluigent x TTP Ventus Disc Pump evaluation kit

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Microfluidic Starter Kit
Integrable, Compact, Adaptable

The Microfluidic Starter Kit has been designed by Fluigent in partnership with TTP Ventus and Sensirion to enable microfluidics research and product development. Two pumps are included and offer the larger range of pressure and flow:

Pressure: > 600 mbar Flow: > 0.10 L/min Vacuum: > 400 mbar

Intermittent*  Pressure: > 400 mbar Flow: > 0.96 L/min Vacuum: > 295 mbar
Continuous* Pressure: > 310 mbar Flow: > 0.83 L/min Vacuum: > 250 mbar
* For more information, please refer to the datasheet


  1. Motherboard PCB, on which is mounted one of the two pumps included, together with the postage-stamp sized pump drive PCB. This will be packed within an ESD (electro-static discharge) bag
  2. A second pump
  3. Mains power supply. Typically, a region-specific adapter will have been fitted for  you. If requested, additional region adapters may be included in the pocket  beneath the evaluation kit PCB
  4. USB flash drive containing PC application software. User Manual and supporting  documentation
  5. Molex cable to connect the flow sensor to the PCB and a USB cable, which  enables the PC application to communicate with the drive PCB, included in the pocket beneath the evaluation kit PCB
  6. Accessories kit including tubing, fittings and filters
  7. Quick Start Card
  8. Fluigent PCAP reservoir
  9. Sensirion SLF3S0600F flow sensor

Additional pumps can be available on demand (see table below)

XP series

Our highest-performance, efficiency, and widest temperature range.
Peak Flow 2.00 L/min
Peak Pressure 400 mbar(g)
Peak Vacuum -300 mbar(g)

LT series

Long-lifetime models for applications demanding 5,000+ hours' operation.
Peak Flow 1.20 L/min
Peak Pressure 270 mbar(g)
Peak Vacuum -220 mbar(g)

HP series

High differential pressure models offering -400 to +600 mbar.
Peak Flow 0.10 L/min
Peak Pressure 600 mbar(g)
Peak Vacuum -400 mbar(g)

UltraSlim series

Slimline models with integrated filter
Peak Flow 0.95 L/min
Peak Pressure 420 mbar(g)
Thickness 5.8 mm

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