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Compact Pressure Source

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Compact Pressure Source
Intuitive, Compact, Adaptable

The Compact Pressure Source is designed to be used as a standalone pressure source. Cased in a robust steel enclosure, it provides dried and filtered air at up to 1100 mbar (on position 1) or up to 2500 mbar (on position 2) for one or multiple pressure control module(s) such as the LineUp™ series, MFCS™ series, PX-series, or other instruments which need compressed air to operate.


  • 1 Compact Pressure Source device
  • 24V power AC (x1)
  • Pneumatic tubing 6mm OD (1m)
  • Power cable EUR (x1)
  • 6mm union fitting (x1)

Weight 0,823 kg
Dimensions 10,6 × 9,7 × 6,2 cm
Pressure supply

Position 1 up to 1100 mbar
Position 2 up to 2500 mbar

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