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LineUp™ Push-Pull

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Pressure & Vacuum Control
Modular, Compact, Intuitive

The LineUp™ Push-Pull is a 2 in 1 pressure-based controller with the ability to deliver finely regulated negative and positive pressure through a single outlet over the range of -800 to +1000 mbar. The LineUp™ Push-Pull is available for order in a package with supply kit.

Package contents:

  • 1 LineUp™ Push-Pull
  • 24V power AC (x1)
  • Power cable EUR (x1)
  • LineUp™ power adaptator (x1)
  • Staubli female connector (x1)

Weight 0,634 kg
Dimensions 9,19 × 7,18 × 13,1 cm
Pressure range

-800 to 1000 mbar [ELUPPU1000]


Device alone
Package with Supply Kit

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