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Bidirectional flow sensors
Wide range, Compact, Adaptable

The FLOW UNITs are bidirectional flow sensors compatible in stand-alone configuration and using software with the LineUp™ controllers, or with any other microfluidic control system such as the MFCS™ series using the Flowboard hub. Available in 4 range of detection, the FLOW UNIT allows for pressure regulation through the DFC (Direct Flow Control) algorithm in order to monitor and control the system in flow rate instead of pressure values.

Package contents:

  • 1 FLOW UNIT device
  • Dedicated Tubing & Fitting Kit

Weight 0,107 kg
Dimensions 2,3 × 7,3 × 3,5 cm
Flow Rate Range

FLOW UNIT XS (0±1.5µL/min)
FLOW UNIT S (0±7µL/min)
FLOW UNIT M+ (0±2mL/min)
FLOW UNIT L+ (0±40mL/min)

Package option

Device alone
Package with Tubing & Fitting Kit

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