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Double Emulsion Production Station

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The Fluigent double emulsion production station is a robust and complete system for producing outstanding monodispersed double emulsion in one single device. Its performance is coming from the combination of Fluigent’s LineUP microfluidic pumps and the RayDrop device, a breakthrough technology for high monodispersed and stable double emulsion.


  • High monodispersity (2%)
  • Double emulsion size: 70 µm – 150 µm
  • High Frequency
  • Adjustable shell thickness
  • No surface coating
  • w/o/w and o/w/o double emulsion

Package contents:

  • LineUp Flow EZ 2 bar (x3)
  • LineUp Supply Kit (x1)
  • LineUp LINK (x1)
  • FLOW UNIT M (x2)
  • FLOW UNIT L (x1)
  • 15 mL P-CAP (x1)
  • 50 mL P-CAP (x2)
  • 2-SWITCH (x2)
  • LineUp SWITCH EZ (x1)
  • RayDrop Double Emulsion (x1)
  • Tubing & Fitting Kit (x1)
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