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Cell encapsulation platform

A cell encapsulation platform inside double emulsions
Accurate, Flexible, Efficient

The cell encapsulation platform, developed and manufactured by Secoya and constituted by Fluigent’s flow control equipment and Secoya’s Emulsion Technology, complete system for high throughput encapsulation of complex and individual cells within highly monodisperse double emulsion droplets small enough (<90 µm) for further analysis.

This fast and easy system allows the encapsulation of cells in aqueous core (such as medium, PBS) and oil shell (such as HFE 7500) double emulsions, providing a powerful tool for biochemical and cellular assays, as it enables the isolation of each cell within microreactors, highlighting its characteristics and concentrating the signals to measurable levels to obtain meaningful biological data.


  • 7 bar LineUp Flow EZ™ (x3)
  • LINK module (x1)
  • RayDrop Double Emulsion (x1)
  • P-CAP 50 mL reservoir (x1)
  • P-CAPs 15 mL reservoirs (x4)
  • LineUp™ power adaptator (x1)
  • 1.8 m USB cable (x1)
  • Pnematic tubing & fitting set (x1)
  • Fluidic tubing & fitting kit (x1)
  • Optical system (x1)
  • Robust platform (x1)

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 61 × 46 × 43 cm
Weight (with protective hood)

21 kg

Platform S [O-FACS1-PTF]

RayDrop [O-DE-RDRPC05-EUP], Droplet size range: 25-45µm

Platform S+ [O-FACS2-PTF]

RayDrop [O-DE-RDRPC06-EUP], Droplet size range: 45-60µm

Plarform M [O-FACS3-PTF]

RayDrop [O-DE-RDRPC07-EUP], Droplet size range: 50-60µm

Platform M+ [O-FACS4-PTF]

RayDrop [O-DE-RDRPC08-EUP], Droplet size range: 70-90µm

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