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Software for all instruments, multiple OS and all your control needs

The new way to get full control of your microfluidic setup. OxyGEN is a single interface, with plug and play capabilities, available for common desktop OS, that allows you to controlmonitor and automate all Fluigent products. It combines in one program all the functions and capabilities of our traditional software: A-i-O, MAT, ESS control and much more. Through its intuitive dashboard, OxyGEN is our new reference tool for real-time control and for developing time based protocols focusing on pressuresflow ratesvolumes, and valve control in microfluidic experiments.

The software is compatible with all Fluigent Microfluidic Equipments

  • LineUp series
  • MFCS series
  • Sensors
  • Valves
  • PX-series

Supported on Windows, MacOS and Linux

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