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11-port/10-position Microfluidic Valve
Quick, Accurate, Automation

The M-SWITCH™ is a bidirectional 11-port / 10-way microfluidic valve for injection or selection of up to 10 different fluids or chips. The flow is bidirectional in the valve, meaning that the device can be used as a selector and a distributor for either multiplexing or demultiplexing purposes. It is compatible with Fluigent’s pressure controllers MFCS™ series and LineUp™ series, to achieve a highly stable flow rate. It has to be controlled with LineUp SWITCH EZ allowing for local control without a PC or valve actuation timing automation using Fluigent Software Solutions.

Package contents:

  • 1 M-SWITCH™ device
  • Flangeless fitting 1/4-28 (x11)
  • Ferrules (x22)
  • PEEK black plug (x11)
  • FEP tubing 1/16”OD 0.10”ID (2.5m)

Weight 0,746 kg
Dimensions 6 × 11 × 11 cm

Device alone
Package with Tubing & Fitting Kit

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