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Educational Package – First Level: Resistance

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The Fluigent Educational Packages provide a broad introduction to microfluidics and its applications by familiarizing the user with general microfluidic principles and microfluidic systems.

Complete microfluidic setup for starting experiments
  • Flexible offer with 4 packages available
  • Up to 4 hours of practical work with solutions
  • handbook for an overview on microfluidics

These ready-to-teach packages are specifically handy for professors and teachers.First level – Resistance: Master and take advantage of one powerful tool for optimizing your microfluidic experiments: hydrodynamic resistance.1 hour guided experiments:

  • Perform resistance measurements on the microfluidics system
  • Theoretical calculations related to the experiments

Suited for: physicists, (bio)engineer and fresh microfluidic usersContent
1* LineUp Supply Kit
1* LineUp Flow EZ 1000 mbar
1* PCAP 15 mL
1* Tubing & Fitting Kit
1* Printed handbook
1* dye solutions
1*Exp. Leaflet Resistance
1*Accessories bag (tubing cutter, pen, notebook,
counter, ruler …)

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