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RayDrop Tubing & Fitting Kit

A kit containing tubing, fitting, plug, and ferrule elements required for using the RayDrop Single Emulsion droplet generator developed and manufactured by Secoya.

Kit contents:

  • 1/32 PEEK tubing with 150 µm inner diameter (ID) (0.2 m)
  • FEP tubing 1/16″OD 0.10″ID (2 m)
  • FEP tubing 1/16″OD 0.020″ID (0.1 m)
  • Sleeves 1/16″ –> 1/32″ (x2)
  • 1/16 Union (x3)
  • PEEK plug 1/4-28 Black (x3)
  • Flangeless fitting 1/4-28 (x4)
  • Blue ferrule (x8)
  • Tube cutter (x1)
  • RayDrop support (x1)
  • Lateral rails (x4)
  • Inline filters (x2) and fittings (x4)


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