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Bottle-CAP 2 ports Package

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The Bottle-CAP is an air-tight microfluidic adapter that allows the pressurization of larges volumes of liquid for microfluidic applications. This cap is compatible with any lab bottle with a standard thread GL-45. It is compatible with Fluigent’s pressure controllers: the MFCS series and the LineUp series. This Bottle-CAP reference has 1 fluidic outlet and 1 pneumatic inlet  (the number of outlets for this cap can be customized, with up to 3 fluidic outlets, to refill easily or to perfuse different microfluidic chips at the same time).

Package version with Tubing & Fitting Kit.

Exists also in versions:

  • 2 fluidic outlets and 1 pressure inlet [RES-CAP-2P]
  • 3 fluidic outlets and 1 pressure inlet [RES-CAP-3P]


  • Ease of use
  • Incubator compatibility
  • Standard fluidic and pneumatic connectors


  • Working pressure: from -800mbar to 2bar (recommended)
  • Inlet pressure connector: Luer or 4mm OD
  • Outlet fluidic ports: 1/4’’-28 threads
  • Compatible with 1/16’’ and 1/32’’ OD capillaries
  • Robust and autoclavable material: Teflon


Bottle-CAP alone

  • Cap for lab bottle pressurization (GL-45 thread) 2ports (pneumatic and fluidic) (x1)
  • Female luer connector 1/4-28 (custom caps) (x1)

Bottle-CAP Package:

  • Bottle-CAP
  • Tubing & fitting kit for the Bottle-CAP

Safety warning

Please be careful with the bottle caps. Glass bottles wouldn’t handle pressure over 2bar. Fluigent strongly advises you to use customs caps with pressure below 2bar only. If you still have questions, please contact Fluigent support at

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